MudJacking /Concrete Lifting

MudJacking / Concrete Lifting

* Stairs                                                     *Steps

*Patios                                                    * Basement Floors

*Sidewalks                                            * Pool  Decks

Drive Ways                                             * Concrete Porch          

VOID FILLS- This is a process were we fill the space between the soil and the concrete. When the space is fill it gives the support back to the concrete and helps prevents breaking and cracking. Void fills are done when soil is eroded from under the concrete.

Caulking- When caulking your concrete this helps preventing water to flow in and under the concrete. The water will wash away soil witch gives support to the concrete, Water also freeze which will warp the concrete as well.

Waterproofing- helps seal the porous concrete and makes it last even longer for you.